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In English - What we do
What we do



  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • English Language


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • History
  • IT
  • Mathematics
  • Polish Language
  • English Language
  • German Language
  • Russian Language



  • Two Decades of Polish History: Solidarity Movement Competition



  • School Quiz on the City of Kielce
  • English Language Poetry Recitation Contest



  • Surf Safely in the Internet Cloud: IT Competition
  • Being Polish, Speaking Polish: Polish Language Competition
  • School Drama in English Competition




  • School Management
  • Teaching 'Introduction to Family Life' to Secondary School Students
  • Pedagogical Therapy
  • Oligophrenic Pedagogy
  • Library Management
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching First Aid to Students
  • Holiday Camp Instructor
  • Holiday Camp Management
  • School Trip Management
  • School Bus Attendant



  • Legal Advice for School Principals
  • School Self-evaluation
  • Taking Care of the Student Council
  • Final Examination Result Analysis – Primary School
  • Final Examination Result Analysis – Lower Secondary School
  • Final Examination Result Analysis – Upper Secondary School
  • Preparing Students for Lower Secondary School Final Examination
  • Teacher – Parent Co-operation
  • ICT in Teaching
  • Test Result Analysis for Syllabus Planning
  • Syllabus Design
  • Institutional Co-operation in School Development
  • Self-evaluation Results in Syllabus Planning
  • Working with Gifted Students
  • After-school Care
  • Zippy's Friends
  • Raising Students' Motivation
  • FAS
  • Health Promotion at School
  • Disruptive Behaviour
  • Pre-school dyslexia risks
  • Early Mathematics Learning Difficulties
  • Art Therapy
  • Dealing with Truancy
  • Dealing with ADHD Students
  • Stressed Teachers, Stressed Students: How to Deal with Stress
  • Eating Disorders
  • Disabled Students
  • Circle Dance – Communication and Therapy
  • Classroom Arrangement and the Curriculum Requirements
  • How to Support and Document Pre-school Child Development
  • Activising Methods in Literary Text Analysis for Young Learners
  • Pre-school Syllabus Design
  • Supporting 5-Year-Olds in Getting Ready for School
  • Pre-school Articulation Development
  • Mathematics for Pre-school Children
  • Practical Aspects for Kindergarten Evaluation
  • How to Use the First Grader Development Scale
  • ICT in Teaching English
  • English for Kindergarten Teachers (B2)
  • ICT and e-Learning in Extra-curricular Activities
  • The Use of myBoard Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom
  • The Use of SMART Board in Teaching Mathematics
  • Making Presentations for the Classroom
  • Advanced Document Creation in Nord
  • Advanced Use of Excel Spreadsheets
  • MS Publisher in School Publication Design
  • Graphic Design with Free Internet Tools
  • Sand Therapy' Art Workshop
  • Christmas Decoration Design
  • Modelling Clay Jewellery Design
  • Music and Dance Activities for Children
  • Carl Orff's Ideas for Music and Dance Activities for Children
  • Scenography Design for School Events
  • First Aid
  • New Methods of Physiotherapy
  • The Bible in Religious Education Classes
  • Evangelisation at School
  • Active Religious Education Classes
  • Fun Activities in Scratch Environment as a Form of Programming Teaching
  • Working with Disruptive Students
  • Communicating with Developmentally Disordered Students
  • Autistic, Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD Students in the Classroom
  • Preparing Students for the Primary School English Language Final Test
  • Descriptive Evaluation of Young Learners
  • Preparing Primary School Students for the Final Test in Mathematics
  • Innovative Programmes for Working with Gifted Students
  • Communication, Negotiations and Team Building
  • English for Teachers (A1+)
  • Integrative Education – a Chance for Disabled Students


  • Safe School (the safety at school)
  • The Bilingual Świętokrzyskie Region (the promotion of bilingual education)
  • The Net Kids (the influence of the Internet on children)
  • Vocational School Management (changes in vocational education and the labour market)
  • Free Textbooks in Lower Secondary Schools (legal regulations and funding)
  • Cancer-free World (cancer prevention education)
  • Depression and Suicide of Children and Young People
  • School Libraries and Librarians (promoting reading)
  • Physical Education for the Youngest Students (new methods)
  • Świętokrzyska Academy of Young IT Specialists (programming skills for primary school students)
  • Bilingual Education and the Changes in the Primary School National Curriculum - Foreign Languages (new opportunities for bilingual education due to the changes in the National Curriculum)



  • Pedagogical diagnosis and setting priorities for upgrading school leaders’ and teachers’ qualifications
  • Development and implementation of training programmes for school principals and education officers in the region
  • Organisation of co-operation and experience exchange for school leaders and education officers
  • Initiation and implementation of innovative educational programmes and projects in the field of education management
  • Co-operation with the National Examination Board and the Regional Examination Board in the assessment of the test and examination results
  • Co-operation with methodological advisors to improve the educational excellence of schools
  • Support of innovations and teachers’ self-development
  • Organisation of contests for students
  • Internal evaluation
  • Educational staff need diagnosis


  • Organisation of in-service teacher training: conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars, projects, qualification courses
  • Support of schools in curriculum implementation and syllabus design
  • Teaching aid and material design
  • School need diagnosis
  • Organisation of teacher self-help networks
  • Methodological and psycho-pedagogical support of teachers through individual and group consultations
  • Support of teachers' development and promotion
  • Organisation of contests for students in co-operation with the Regional Board of Education
  • Co-operation with educational institutions and universities
  • Co-operation with national and international partners through participation in educational projects

  • Development of educational projects financed from the EU funds
  • Providing information and support to schools implementing educational projects
  • Organisation of various forms of teachers' co-operation and exchange of experiences related to good practice in the implementation of educational projects
  • Popularisation of European and national educational fund raising projects
  • Organisation of conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars, projects
  • Dissemination of good practice and organisation of experience exchange promoting innovations at all levels of education
  • Organisation of teacher self-help networks
  • Organisation of contests for students in co-operation with the Regional Board of Education
  • Co-operation with national and international partners through participation in the EU programmes

  • Providing information and publications concerning the regional teacher development system
  • Collecting and disseminating materials relevant for consultants, methodological advisors, school leaders, school inspectors, education officers and teachers
  • Maintaining German language library of teaching aids and materials for German language teachers and students
  • Disseminating information by means of the internet information service
  • Organising co-operation and networking of teachers working as school librarians
  • Editing an educational journal "Inspiracje" targeted at school principals and teachers
  • Providing instruction and support for teachers to improve their foreign language competence
  • Providing resources and support for foreign language teachers to enhance their teaching
  • Providing support for foreign language teachers in the field of teaching methods, especially CLIL and special purposes (vocational training)
  • Organising co-operation and networking of foreign language teachers by means of the e-learning platform
  • Supporting teachers involved in international co-operation within European projects aiming at educational and organizational innovations in schools
  • Upgrading foreign language teachers' ITC competences used in the foreign language classroom


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