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In English
In English
The Świętokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre
42 Marsz. J. Piłsudskiego Street
25-431 Kielce
tel. +48 41 362 448
fax +48 41 3624899

The Świętokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre is a public, accredited (since 2006), in-service teacher training institution carrying out its statutory goals at regional level.

The Self-Government of the Świętokrzyskie Region – Marshall Office provides funds for the Centre and the Chief Educational Officer of the Region holds the pedagogical supervision. Located in Kielce, the Centre also makes use of modern conference premises at Wólka Milanowska situated in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

The mission of the Centre is to support the professional development of teachers and education personnel as well as organizational advancement of educational institutions in achieving quality.

The realization of the mission is based on current educational priorities of the state and the region, the educational needs and requirements of the community, current directions and trends in educational research and theories.

Our offer is aimed at:

  • teachers,
  • school principals,
  • pedagogical supervisors,
  • local government education officers,
  • methodology advisors.

Our offer includes:

  • qualifying courses,
  • in-service training courses and workshops,
  • conferences, seminars, competitions,
  • educational forum,
  • self-help groups of teachers,
  • network and support groups,
  • individual and group consultations,
  • regional, national and international projects.

We provide:

  • well-qualified staff,
  • professional approach,
  • high quality services,
  • up-to-date course content,
  • state-of-the-art teaching aids.

We cooperate with the following institutions and organizations:

  • the Świętokrzyskie Marshall Office,
  • The Regional Education Board in Kielce,
  • Polish and foreign teacher training institutions,
  • Polish and foreign universities,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • culture centres,
  • publishing houses.

We value international cooperation so we host study visits and participate in them.

We publish an educational journal 'Inspiracje' addressed to education officers, teachers, school principals and everyone interested in education. The journal provides information on current changes in the field of education, state education policy, educational institutions, educational innovations, examples of good practice at schools, outstanding teachers and their achievements.




  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • English Language


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • History
  • IT
  • Mathematics
  • Polish Language
  • English Language
  • German Language
  • Russian Language



  • Two Decades of Polish History: Solidarity Movement Competition



  • School Quiz on the City of Kielce
  • English Language Poetry Recitation Contest



  • Surf Safely in the Internet Cloud: IT Competition
  • Being Polish, Speaking Polish: Polish Language Competition
  • School Drama in English Competition




  • School Management
  • Teaching 'Introduction to Family Life' to Secondary School Students
  • Pedagogical Therapy
  • Oligophrenic Pedagogy
  • Library Management
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching First Aid to Students
  • Holiday Camp Instructor
  • Holiday Camp Management
  • School Trip Management
  • School Bus Attendant



  • Legal Advice for School Principals
  • School Self-evaluation
  • Taking Care of the Student Council
  • Final Examination Result Analysis – Primary School
  • Final Examination Result Analysis – Lower Secondary School
  • Final Examination Result Analysis – Upper Secondary School
  • Preparing Students for Lower Secondary School Final Examination
  • Teacher – Parent Co-operation
  • ICT in Teaching
  • Test Result Analysis for Syllabus Planning
  • Syllabus Design
  • Institutional Co-operation in School Development
  • Self-evaluation Results in Syllabus Planning
  • Working with Gifted Students
  • After-school Care
  • Zippy's Friends
  • Raising Students' Motivation
  • FAS
  • Health Promotion at School
  • Disruptive Behaviour
  • Pre-school dyslexia risks
  • Early Mathematics Learning Difficulties
  • Art Therapy
  • Dealing with Truancy
  • Dealing with ADHD Students
  • Stressed Teachers, Stressed Students: How to Deal with Stress
  • Eating Disorders
  • Disabled Students
  • Circle Dance – Communication and Therapy
  • Classroom Arrangement and the Curriculum Requirements
  • How to Support and Document Pre-school Child Development
  • Activising Methods in Literary Text Analysis for Young Learners
  • Pre-school Syllabus Design
  • Supporting 5-Year-Olds in Getting Ready for School
  • Pre-school Articulation Development
  • Mathematics for Pre-school Children
  • Practical Aspects for Kindergarten Evaluation
  • How to Use the First Grader Development Scale
  • ICT in Teaching English
  • English for Kindergarten Teachers (B2)
  • ICT and e-Learning in Extra-curricular Activities
  • The Use of myBoard Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom
  • The Use of SMART Board in Teaching Mathematics
  • Making Presentations for the Classroom
  • Advanced Document Creation in Nord
  • Advanced Use of Excel Spreadsheets
  • MS Publisher in School Publication Design
  • Graphic Design with Free Internet Tools
  • Sand Therapy' Art Workshop
  • Christmas Decoration Design
  • Modelling Clay Jewellery Design
  • Music and Dance Activities for Children
  • Carl Orff's Ideas for Music and Dance Activities for Children
  • Scenography Design for School Events
  • First Aid
  • New Methods of Physiotherapy
  • The Bible in Religious Education Classes
  • Evangelisation at School
  • Active Religious Education Classes
  • Fun Activities in Scratch Environment as a Form of Programming Teaching
  • Working with Disruptive Students
  • Communicating with Developmentally Disordered Students
  • Autistic, Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD Students in the Classroom
  • Preparing Students for the Primary School English Language Final Test
  • Descriptive Evaluation of Young Learners
  • Preparing Primary School Students for the Final Test in Mathematics
  • Innovative Programmes for Working with Gifted Students
  • Communication, Negotiations and Team Building
  • English for Teachers (A1+)
  • Integrative Education – a Chance for Disabled Students


  • Safe School (the safety at school)
  • The Bilingual Świętokrzyskie Region (the promotion of bilingual education)
  • The Net Kids (the influence of the Internet on children)
  • Vocational School Management (changes in vocational education and the labour market)
  • Free Textbooks in Lower Secondary Schools (legal regulations and funding)
  • Cancer-free World (cancer prevention education)
  • Depression and Suicide of Children and Young People
  • School Libraries and Librarians (promoting reading)
  • Physical Education for the Youngest Students (new methods)
  • Świętokrzyska Academy of Young IT Specialists (programming skills for primary school students)
  • Bilingual Education and the Changes in the Primary School National Curriculum - Foreign Languages (new opportunities for bilingual education due to the changes in the National Curriculum)



  • Pedagogical diagnosis and setting priorities for upgrading school leaders’ and teachers’ qualifications
  • Development and implementation of training programmes for school principals and education officers in the region
  • Organisation of co-operation and experience exchange for school leaders and education officers
  • Initiation and implementation of innovative educational programmes and projects in the field of education management
  • Co-operation with the National Examination Board and the Regional Examination Board in the assessment of the test and examination results
  • Co-operation with methodological advisors to improve the educational excellence of schools
  • Support of innovations and teachers’ self-development
  • Organisation of contests for students
  • Internal evaluation
  • Educational staff need diagnosis


  • Organisation of in-service teacher training: conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars, projects, qualification courses
  • Support of schools in curriculum implementation and syllabus design
  • Teaching aid and material design
  • School need diagnosis
  • Organisation of teacher self-help networks
  • Methodological and psycho-pedagogical support of teachers through individual and group consultations
  • Support of teachers' development and promotion
  • Organisation of contests for students in co-operation with the Regional Board of Education
  • Co-operation with educational institutions and universities
  • Co-operation with national and international partners through participation in educational projects

  • Development of educational projects financed from the EU funds
  • Providing information and support to schools implementing educational projects
  • Organisation of various forms of teachers' co-operation and exchange of experiences related to good practice in the implementation of educational projects
  • Popularisation of European and national educational fund raising projects
  • Organisation of conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars, projects
  • Dissemination of good practice and organisation of experience exchange promoting innovations at all levels of education
  • Organisation of teacher self-help networks
  • Organisation of contests for students in co-operation with the Regional Board of Education
  • Co-operation with national and international partners through participation in the EU programmes

  • Providing information and publications concerning the regional teacher development system
  • Collecting and disseminating materials relevant for consultants, methodological advisors, school leaders, school inspectors, education officers and teachers
  • Maintaining German language library of teaching aids and materials for German language teachers and students
  • Disseminating information by means of the internet information service
  • Organising co-operation and networking of teachers working as school librarians
  • Editing an educational journal "Inspiracje" targeted at school principals and teachers
  • Providing instruction and support for teachers to improve their foreign language competence
  • Providing resources and support for foreign language teachers to enhance their teaching
  • Providing support for foreign language teachers in the field of teaching methods, especially CLIL and special purposes (vocational training)
  • Organising co-operation and networking of foreign language teachers by means of the e-learning platform
  • Supporting teachers involved in international co-operation within European projects aiming at educational and organizational innovations in schools
  • Upgrading foreign language teachers' ITC competences used in the foreign language classroom

On 2 October 2017, The ISTTC in Kielce launched the international Erasmus+ project
„Tolerance-Integration-Culture-Openness (TICO)”. The main aim of the project is to prepare the advisory teachers for work in the field of multicultural, anti-discriminatory and integrative education.


eu erasmus nowefreThe second group of consultans paid the visit to the University of Chichester
Teacher consultants of the Świętokrzyskie In-service Teacher Training Centre again learnt from their colleagues in the UK how to teach adults. In June 2016, the second group of consultants left for England which has been a leader in adult education for years.


eu erasmus noweOfrence again ŚCDN Visit to University of Chichester
Once again an expedition to the south of Britain was launched by the indomitable advisory teachers from the Świętokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre in Kielce to explore the adult education developments there. This time, without the leader himself, but fortified with his directions and blessing, the group took up their quarters in Bognor Regis on 22 May 2016.


ŚCDN Visit to University of Chichesterfreeu erasmus nowe
On 10 May 2015, led by their intrepid bosses, the valiant team of the ŚCDN consultants set foot on the British soil heading for Chichester, the seat of the University of Chichester.


logo2Enterprising Citizen Academy –
addressed to lower secondary school students from the rural areas of the Świętokrzyskie Region aimed at the development of social and entrepreneurial skills



kuA Creative Student –
aimed at the development of teamwork, communication skills and creativity among primary and secondary school students


KEN-logoA Competent European Teacher
enhancing the improvement of teachers' English language skills and the use of ITC in the teaching process



logo NIKAn Interactive Class Teacher
propagating the use of interactive whiteboards, use of online resources, work with e-platforms and interactive material development


LOGO E-BelferE-Belfer
enhancing the use of information and communication technology at school



MIP jpg RGBYouth Entrepreneurship Incubator
aimed at secondary school students to encourage them to start their own businesses


logo kn wwwA Competent Teacher -
aimed at multi-aspect teacher development and quality improvement



NauczycielXXI-duzeThe 21st Century Teacher
providing interactive whiteboard training and e-learnig platform consultations for 1,5540 teachers of the region


logo manSchool Project Manager -
a training cycle on the implementation of EU funded educational projects



logo fsnThe Fascinating World of Science
providing a wide support for talented primary and lower secondary school students


logo-ezp-ver3Vocational Education in Practice
preparation of vocational school students for entering the labour market


brunoSafety of Parents, Students and Teachers: Responsibility
an effective contemporary society hazard prevention programme involving the local and school communities


razem latwiej"Many Hands Make Light Work"
improving school excellency by joint and united efforts of all actors of the educational process


tjm1"Like Mozart"
propagating teacher development through enhancement of young talents. The project participants can apply for the certificate of ' The School of Beautiful Minds'




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